Robyn Campbell Memorial Award Nominations

For those of you who have been associated with Regency through the years will no doubt be aware of the Robyn Campbell Memorial Award and the numerous reasons behind it. However, if you are new to the club it is with great pleasure that we briefly explain the details of this truly inspiring award.

On the 14th June 2003 an incredible lady, Regency mum, passed away. Her name is Robyn Campbell, mother of our beautiful Principal Coach and Seniors team member, Megan. The college dedicates a perpetual trophy in memory of this very special angel. To those of you blessed to have known and loved Robyn, we are sure you will be able to relate to the meaning of this trophy.

Robyn was special individual. She shone as a beacon of light all those she touched. She was totally positive about every-thing from day one, and a fine example of a true giver. The passion she showed for our club and for life itself was most evident in the love she had for her family primarily, and all those she came in contact with that needed a helping hand. She was one of the most dedicated mothers we ever met, always doing her best, never just for Megan but for all the team, never just for her daughter’s section, but all the sections. She always understood the bigger picture, and she loved to her fullest capacity. Robyn was always one of the first to volunteer her help, being totally reliable, even throughout her illness. She was an inspiration to us all and it is for this very reason that Robyn’s spirit lives on in our club.

Robyn Campbell’s memorial perpetual trophy will be awarded to one of our special members annually. It is to go to a person that has displayed the above qualities throughout the year, with dedication, positive attitude, diligence, and above all, fully heartedly. This award represents our club as a united ONE, not six individual sub sections. This is all so fitting in Robyn’s honour as it was precisely her overall outlook, displayed by her devotion and love for the whole club.

Therefore, please remember when nominating that you have considered all the hard working parents involved in this great club that volunteer their time so freely for the benefit of our beautiful girls.

Please us the anonymous form below to lodge your nomination. Please keep the above criteria in mind when selecting a club member deserving of this award. Also, please include a brief outline of your reason/s for nomination.

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