Pupil Skills

The Calisthenic Pupil Skills Program is designed to improve girls knowledge of terminology and enhance their skills. This benefits pupils individually as well as strengthening their team.


Each child gains so much from studying and participating in these exams, it is also a chance for pupils to gain individual rewards for all their hard work but still be strongly involved in a team sport.

Recommended ages for pupil skill examinations are:

Test 18 Years
Test 29 Years
Test 310 Years
Grade 111 and 12 Years
Grade 213 and 14 Years
Prep Grade 315 Years
Grade 316 Years
Grade 417+ Years
Bronze17+ Years
Silver17+ Years
Gold17+ Years

Levels are not compulsory but are an excellent way for the girls to improve their calisthenic skills

ACF Calisthenic Skills Program